Welcome !

I am Mariëlle van Broekhoven. Birthyear 1972 and living in the Netherlands.

The white canvas does not scare me off. I create a very intuitive world and bring my feelings and thoughts together on paper and canvas through color, shape and lines. A proprietary and an atmosphere of it's own.

I use materials through mixed media and go on challenges to design digital and put it on canvas and paper. Making a painting is always a suprise for me. When i begin, i never know what it's going to be and what the underlyning thoughts and ideas are.

I love dark and scary looking work. It sometimes tends to be 'horror'. This will show you when you will visit my work.

Some people thinks it's a depressive look. Maybe it is! It's just how you see it.


Drawing illustrations is fantastic to do. I love it!  Like for example ,drawing fantasy like a elephant with a cat on his back. Talking trees, fairy tales..   You see a few illustrations on my website. If you are an author and want to have a cover for your book or want to have illustrations for your story, do not hesitate any longer and contact me.


I work with commissions. If you are interested in one of the paintings or you want a portrait , just contact me and i give you information about your wishes..

My portraits are painted with mixed media. The materials i use are watercolor, acryl, oilpaint, charcoal,pencil and pastel